Works commence re the 2nd phase of the MBA pavilion refurbishment & the on-site visit by the Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Sport and Volunteering

by Bernard Vassallo

The second phase of the MBA pavilion refurbishment is underway as the works have commenced in the past week.

The 2nd phase will consist of the construction of the Spectator Stands and other Facilities within the Ta’ Qali Basketball Pavilion.

The photos and the videos below show part of the works being carried out presently in ta Qali. This project will see a major upgrade of the basketball facilities.

The 2nd week of works is now progressing at a steady pace with the old stands totally dismantled and all is ready to start the construction of the new stands. The following pictures were taken on 30th June

Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Sport and Voluntary Organisations Hon Clifton Grima visits the ongoing works at the Basketball Pavilion

Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Sport and Volunteering Hon. Clifton Grima expressed satisfaction with the work being done on the second phase of the Basketball Pavilion in Ta ‘Qali with an investment of around € 1 million which is funded through the funding scheme for sports associations managed by SportMalta.

Hon Grima stressed that after the successful completion of the first phase of this project, which basically consisted of the refurbishment of the original steel structure of the pavilion as well as the renovation of the building from the outside, now the second phase of the project has started in Ta ‘Qali. He explained how the second phase will consist of the complete demolition of all the internal structures around the court in the pavilion and four new stands will be built for the spectators by replacing the two original stands in the sides of the court and 2 more stands will be added behind the baskets. In addition to the stand for VIPs, the new stands will ensure that the facility achieves a considerable increase in spectator capacity as well as better accessibility standards for people with special needs, in line with expected standards.

New railings will be installed and the court will be surrounded by tempered glass which will enhance the gaming experience. The project will also incorporate the construction of changing rooms, new toilets and a space dedicated to the offices of the Maltese Basketball Association. He said that this facility will also be part of the National Infrastructure available for the European Small Countries Games (GSSE) to be held in Malta in 2023.

SportMalta Chief Executive Mark Cutajar stressed that this is one of a series of projects that will be opened until 2023, the year of the small countries ’games. He said that SportMalta works hand in hand with sports associations so that we have facilities among the best in Europe.

The President of the Malta Basketball Association Paul Sultana said that the new pavilion was made with the help of the government and so it is appropriate that the MBA gives something back to the community while ensuring that the facilities be utilized in the best possible way. He said that the Association is committed to continue working hand in hand with SportMalta in order to further increase the sport in particular basketball in our country.