Summer 2020 u16 and u14 Tournaments: Important Info

Here follows some important information for all clubs as regards the Summer 2020 u16 (born 2005 -) and u14 (born 2007 -) Tournaments. which will start off this weekend.

Entrance to the Training Courts Venue:

Kindly note that only players (who will be listed on the team list on the day), the team coachassistant coach (if applicable) and one team follower can enter the playing venue, i.e. only those listed on the team list to be presented for the game.

You will need to prepare the team list beforehand and you will then have to present the team list at the door as entrance to the venue will be controlled accordingly.

Teams may only be allowed to enter into the venue 20 minutes before the scheduled time, i.e. 7.40am (for the first game) and 8.55 (in the case of the second game on the schedule). 

Please note, that as regards the second game, entry will not be automatic at 8.55am but the person in charge at the door will decide accordingly when to allow access into the venue depending on the outcome of the first game.

Our intention is to have adequate space and time for the participants of the first game to be able to exit the playing area.

Use of Dressing Rooms

Please note that teams are advised to arrive at the venue ready to play and should leave the venue afterwards. In this regard, the use of the dressing rooms, for changing purposes and team meetings, will be prohibited.

Hygiene Matters:

Each club should be responsible for their players and should see that every player and coach will sanitize their hands before proceeding to enter the Training Courts. Clubs are advised to provide their own sanitizers in this regard.

Competition Rules:

Please note that both the under 16 and the under 14 category games (both boys and girls) will be played as per the following rules (Kindly inform your coaches accordingly):

Duration of the game:

Quarters 1 to 310 minutes running time, with time only stopped during free throws.

Quarter 48 minutes (stopping time)

• In the event of a tied game, the overtime period will be of 3 minutes (stopping time).

Time between 1st/2nd and 3rd/4th quarter: Two (2) minutes

Half time: Four (4) minutes

Time Outs: each team is entitled to one (1) time out to be used only in the 4th quarter.

• Ball size: 6 (Under 14 Boys and Girls & Under 16 Girls) / Ball size 7 (Under 16 Boys)

• Minimum of players per team: 8

• Minimum of one FULL quarter to be played by each player

• Maximum of three FULL quarters to be played by a player.

• A player cannot play the first 3 consecutive quarters.

• Up to the 3rd Quarter: ALL players on the team list have to play

• However, if a team has less than 12 players on the team list (min. 8), or less players than the opposing team, then the opposing team has the option to use an equal number of players by the 3rd quarter.

A team can field any player whether the player is a foreigner or Maltese. No restrictions on the number of foreigners on court during playing time.

• No Substitutions are allowed at any time during the first 3 quarters of the game, with the exceptions of the following:

1. When there are any injured players, subs to be decided by the opposing coach.

2. Fouled out players, subs to be decided by the opposing coach.

In the 4th Quartersubs are allowed at any time, always abiding by the above mentioned rules.

All MBA and FIBA rules apply for this League with the exception of the ones mentioned above.