New Concept: Basketball Online Referee Theory Course – Requirement for players born 2004 and 2005

New Concept re: Requisite for verifying the youth level registration and eligibility to play in the local leagues

Deadline to complete course: 31st December 2020

Players born 2004 & 2005:

Although we are still amidst uncertain times due to the COVID 19 problem, one still has to look ahead, with positivity, to the eventual resumption of local basketball activities.

In this regard, in agreement with the MBA administration and even taking into consideration the ease of use of technology amongst our youths, a new concept of an online course for youth players is being introduced.

This is a small variation from the previous compulsory requisite whereby, in the past years, all youth players had to attend elementary referee instruction in order to then be eligible to play in the youth leagues and beyond. 

Unfortunately, feedback from the past years has shown that this was being seen as more of a necessary, must-do chore with little learning in the game for the participants and not much ulterior benefit for the basketball community.

The new concept aims to try and somewhat change this and thus hopefully provide some learning opportunities in actual basketball knowledge for the participants apart from basic understanding of refereeing. This should also then lead to gradual future benefits for the local game.


In the last 2 months, considerable effort and work was put forth to develop an online course covering Basketball Referee Theory at Level 2.

In agreement with the MBA, it has been decided that, for the coming season, youth players born 2004 and 2005 are required to enroll in this course and complete out the same course by 31st December 2020

Controls will be made from 1st January 2021 to check which players born 2004 and 2005 have not completed this course which is based on the refereeing module but which also contains possible beneficial tips for all players.

Course Structure:

The online course is divided into 10 modules (with lessons in each module) and includes also a number of quizzes which will determine the successful completion of the course.

A sample snippet of a lecture page from the course is attached with this email so as to have an idea.

Course Certificate (upon completion):

Upon completion of the course, every participant will also be awarded an automatic online certificate which will then be valid for two years.

Work/Course time expected from each participant:

This course, which was developed to operate in a sequential manner (i.e. one needs to complete a section to move onto the next section), should take (at a participant’s own pace and convenience) each participant around 20/25 hours of work including quizzes which are, as stated above, the passing criteria for the final certificate. (Quizzes are not difficult/too theoretical and can also be retaken in case of a fail. The aim behind this course is not to fail participants but that each participant obtains and learns more basketball knowledge and knowhow which may then greatly help him/her even in the future).

Expiration of the Course:

Upon enrolment, each participant will have up to 31st December 2020 (whichever comes first) to complete the entire course.

As already stated, every participant can go through the course at his/her own pace along these 15 weeks.

The Course:

The course can be accessed/ordered via the following links (please then read the online instructions)

To order:

Course information:

Additional Course Benefits:

Any participant who successfully completes this course and who may then be interested to qualify as a level 2 Referee, will just then need to attend and complete a short practical session with the referee instructor.

Course Donation:

Until the end of September, this course is being launched at a donation value of €2.50.

Please note that this donation will cover the costs of setting up the course platform and content, the LMS software, hosting and use of a premium theme. Any resulting excess funds will then be donated to Dar il-Providenza during the annual telethon at the start of the calendar year.

Basic Idea behind the Concept:

In brief, the idea behind the concept to have a requisite (to be eligible to play) for 15 and 16 year old players to complete this course is that one also starts to invest in further basic innate basketball knowledge in our youth players. Through this course, each player should gain more insight and can easily also improve his/her game and contribution to the team.

The certificate validation of two years also was put forth with the idea that within the coming two year cycle, all local players playing at youth level (up to under 18) would have had basic basketball referee theory instruction and hopefully the local game, in general, will benefit in some way.

Additionally, through the course a participant will gain a more clear basic understanding of the main rules, fouls, violations as well as what a referee does and feels. This can both help for better future respect between players, coaches and referees as well as the possibility to have ‘future’ basketball referees starting off to think about joining the local refereeing community.