New Amended Fixtures (as at January 4th 2021)

By Bernard Vassallo

Below please find the latest amended game schedule (as at 4th January after rescheduling the games postponed due to COVID19 purposes)


DayDateTimeCategoryHome TeamAway Team
Sat2020-10-2411:15U16 MenAthleta U16 MenDepiro KVH
Sat2020-10-2415:45Mens’ LeagueMellieha Libertas SpaldingHibernians
Sun2020-10-2509:00U16 MenStarlites MazarsHibernians
Sun2020-10-2511:15U16 MenSiggiewi U16 MenLuxol U16 Men
Sun2020-10-2513:30Mens’ LeagueDepiro Senior MenGzira Athleta Senior Men
Sun2020-10-2515:45Mens’ LeagueStarlites GiGLuxol BUPA
Sat2020-10-3109:00U16 MenHiberniansAthleta U16 Men
Sat2020-10-3111:15U16 MenDepiro KVHStarlites U16 Men B
Sat2020-10-3113:30U16 WomenDepiro U16 WomenHibernians
Sat2020-10-3115:45U16 WomenStarlites MazarsLuxol U16 Women
Sun2020-11-0111:15U16 MenLuxol U16 MenStarlites Mazars
Sun2020-11-0113:30Womens’ LeagueARMS DepiroStarlites GiG
Sun2020-11-0115:45Womens’ LeagueHiberniansLuxol Senior Women
Sat2020-11-0709:00U16 MenAthleta U16 MenLuxol U16 Men
Sat2020-11-0711:15U16 MenDepiro KVHHibernians
Sat2020-11-0715:45Mens’ LeagueLuxol BUPAMellieha Libertas Spalding
Sun2020-11-0811:15U16 MenStarlites U16 Men BSiggiewi U16 Men
Sun2020-11-0813:30Mens’ LeagueHiberniansDepiro Senior Men
Sun2020-11-0815:45Mens’ LeagueGzira Athleta Senior MenStarlites GiG
Sat2020-11-1411:15U16 MenLuxol U16 MenDepiro KVH
Sat2020-11-1413:30U16 WomenLuxol U16 WomenDepiro U16 Women
Sat2020-11-1415:45U16 WomenSiggiewi U16 WomenStarlites Mazars
Sun2020-11-1509:00U16 MenSiggiewi U16 MenStarlites Mazars
Sun2020-11-1511:15U16 MenHiberniansStarlites U16 Men B
Sun2020-11-1513:30Womens’ LeagueStarlites GiGHibernians
Sun2020-11-1515:45Womens’ LeagueLuxol Senior WomenARMS Depiro
Tue2020-11-1718:00U23 MenAthleta U23 MenDepiro U23 Men
Tue2020-11-1720:15U23 MenStarlites U23 Men BLuxol U23 Men
Wed2020-11-1819:00U23 MenStarlites U23 MenHibernians
Thu2020-11-1918:00U19 WomenDepiro Under 19 WomenHibernians
Thu2020-11-1920:15U19 WomenStarlites ABERTAX Under 19 WomenLuxol Under 19 Women
Fri2020-11-2018:00Amateur Men LeagueMellieha Libertas Spalding D2Fusion Basketball
Fri2020-11-2020:15Amateur Men LeagueAthleta 2nd DivDepiro 2nd Div
Sat2020-11-2115:45Mens’ LeagueStarlites GiGMellieha Libertas Spalding
Sun2020-11-2211:15U16 MenHiberniansLuxol U16 Men
Sun2020-11-2213:30Mens’ LeagueDepiro Senior MenLuxol BUPA
Sun2020-11-2215:45Mens’ LeagueGzira Athleta Senior MenHibernians
Tue2020-11-2418:00U23 WomenARMS Depiro U23 WomenStarlites U23 Women
Tue2020-11-2420:15U23 WomenHiberniansLuxol U23 Women
Wed2020-11-2520:15U19 MenStarlites U19 Men BLuxol U19 Men
Wed2020-11-2518:00U19 MenAthleta U19 MenAthleta U19Men B
Thu2020-11-2618:00U19 MenStarlites ABERTAX U19 MenDepiro KVH
Fri2020-11-2720:15Amateur Men LeagueHiberniansMellieha Libertas Spalding D2
Sat2020-11-2813:30U16 WomenDepiro U16 WomenSiggiewi U16 Women
Sat2020-11-2815:45U16 WomenHiberniansLuxol U16 Women
Sun2020-11-2911:15U16 MenStarlites U16 Men BLuxol U16 Men
Sun2020-11-2913:30Womens’ LeagueARMS DepiroHibernians
Sun2020-11-2915:45Womens’ LeagueStarlites GiGLuxol Senior Women
Thu2020-12-0318:00U19 WomenLuxol Under 19 WomenDepiro Under 19 Women
Thu2020-12-0320:15U19 WomenSiggiewi Under 19 WomenStarlites ABERTAX Under 19 Women
Sat2020-12-0515:45Mens’ LeagueHiberniansStarlites GiG
Sun2020-12-0611:15U16 MenHiberniansSiggiewi U16 Men
Mon2020-12-0718:00U23 WomenStarlites U23 WomenHibernians
Mon2020-12-0720:15U23 WomenLuxol U23 WomenARMS Depiro U23 Women
Tue2020-12-0809:30Women Knock Out
Tue2020-12-0809:00U14 BoysAthleta U14 BoysDepiro U14 Boys Blue
Tue2020-12-0809:00U14 BoysStarlites U14A BoysEurobasket U14 Boys
Tue2020-12-0811:15U14 BoysSiggiewi U14 BoysDepiro U14 Boys Gold
Tue2020-12-0811:15U14 BoysLuxol U14 BoysHibernians U14 Boys
Tue2020-12-0811:45Women Knock Out
Tue2020-12-0814:00Men Knock Out
Wed2020-12-0918:00U19 MenAthleta U19Men BStarlites U19 Men B
Thu2020-12-1020:15U19 MenLuxol U19 MenSiggiewi U19 Men
Thu2020-12-1018:00U19 MenHiberniansStarlites ABERTAX U19 Men
Fri2020-12-1120:15Amateur Men LeagueMellieha Libertas Spalding D2Athleta 2nd Div
Sat2020-12-1211:15U16 MenDepiro KVHAthleta U16 Men
Sat2020-12-1213:30U16 MenLuxol U16 MenSiggiewi U16 Men
Sat2020-12-1215:45U16 MenHiberniansStarlites Mazars
Sun2020-12-1309:00U14 BoysDepiro U14 Boys GoldStarlites U14A Boys
Sun2020-12-1309:00U14 BoysStarlites U14B BoysLuxol U14 Boys
Sun2020-12-1309:00U16 WomenStarlites MazarsDepiro U16 Women
Sun2020-12-1311:15U14 BoysEurobasket U14 BoysAthleta U14 Boys
Sun2020-12-1311:15U14 BoysHibernians U14 BoysSiggiewi U14 Boys
Sun2020-12-1311:15U16 WomenSiggiewi U16 WomenHibernians
Sun2020-12-1313:30Womens’ LeagueStarlites GiGARMS Depiro
Sun2020-12-1315:45Womens’ LeagueLuxol Senior WomenHibernians
Tue2020-12-1518:00U23 MenStarlites U23 Men BStarlites U23 Men
Tue2020-12-1520:15U23 MenAthleta U23 MenLuxol U23 Men
Thu2020-12-1718:00U19 WomenDepiro Under 19 WomenSiggiewi Under 19 Women
Thu2020-12-1720:15U19 WomenHiberniansLuxol Under 19 Women
Fri2020-12-1820:15Amateur Men LeagueFusion BasketballHibernians
Sat2020-12-1913:30U16 MenStarlites MazarsLuxol U16 Men
Sat2020-12-1909:00U16 MenAthleta U16 MenHibernians
Sat2020-12-1911:15U16 MenStarlites U16 Men BDepiro KVH
Sat2020-12-1915:45Mens’ LeagueHiberniansLuxol BUPA
Sun2020-12-2009:00U14 BoysAthleta U14 BoysDepiro U14 Boys Gold
Sun2020-12-2009:00U14 BoysStarlites U14A BoysHibernians U14 Boys
Sun2020-12-2011:15U14 BoysDepiro U14 Boys BlueEurobasket U14 Boys
Sun2020-12-2011:15U14 BoysSiggiewi U14 BoysStarlites U14B Boys
Sun2020-12-2015:45Mens’ LeagueGzira Athleta Senior MenMellieha Libertas Spalding
Mon2020-12-2120:15U19 MenAthleta U19Men BDepiro KVH
Mon2020-12-2118:00U19 MenStarlites U19 Men BSiggiewi U19 Men
Tue2020-12-2218:00U23 WomenARMS Depiro U23 WomenHibernians
Tue2020-12-2220:15U23 WomenStarlites U23 WomenLuxol U23 Women
Wed2020-12-2318:00U19 MenStarlites ABERTAX U19 MenLuxol U19 Men
Wed2020-12-2320:15U19 MenAthleta U19 MenHibernians
Tue2021-01-0518:00U23 MenStarlites U23 MenAthleta U23 Men
Tue2021-01-0520:15U23 MenHiberniansStarlites U23 Men B
Wed2021-01-0620:15Amateur Men LeagueFusion BasketballAthleta 2nd Div
Wed2021-01-0618:00U23 MenLuxol U23 MenDepiro U23 Men
Thu2021-01-0718:00U19 WomenStarlites ABERTAX Under 19 WomenDepiro Under 19 Women
Thu2021-01-0720:15U19 WomenSiggiewi Under 19 WomenHibernians
Fri2021-01-0820:15Amateur Men LeagueDepiro 2nd DivAthleta 2nd Div
Fri2021-01-0818:00Amateur Men LeagueFusion BasketballMellieha Libertas Spalding D2
Sat2021-01-0909:00U16 MenSiggiewi U16 MenAthleta U16 Men
Sat2021-01-0911:15U16 MenStarlites MazarsStarlites U16 Men B
Sat2021-01-0913:30U16 MenLuxol U16 MenHibernians
Sat2021-01-0915:45Mens’ LeagueMellieha Libertas SpaldingDepiro Senior Men
Sun2021-01-1009:00U14 BoysDepiro U14 Boys GoldDepiro U14 Boys Blue
Sun2021-01-1009:00U14 BoysLuxol U14 BoysSiggiewi U14 Boys
Sun2021-01-1009:00U16 WomenHiberniansStarlites Mazars
Sun2021-01-1011:15U14 BoysHibernians U14 BoysAthleta U14 Boys
Sun2021-01-1011:15U14 BoysStarlites U14B BoysStarlites U14A Boys
Sun2021-01-1011:15U16 WomenLuxol U16 WomenSiggiewi U16 Women
Sun2021-01-1013:30Womens’ LeagueHiberniansStarlites GiG
Sun2021-01-1015:45Womens’ LeagueARMS DepiroLuxol Senior Women
Mon2021-01-1118:00U16 MenStarlites MazarsAthleta U16 Men
Mon2021-01-1120.15Mens’ LeagueLuxol BUPAGzira Athleta Senior Men
Tue2021-01-1218:00U23 WomenStarlites U23 WomenARMS Depiro U23 Women
Tue2021-01-1220:15U23 WomenLuxol U23 WomenHibernians
Wed2021-01-1318:00U19 MenHiberniansAthleta U19Men B
Wed2021-01-1320:15U19 MenLuxol U19 MenAthleta U19 Men
Thu2021-01-1420:15U19 MenSiggiewi U19 MenStarlites ABERTAX U19 Men
Thu2021-01-1418:00U19 MenDepiro KVHStarlites U19 Men B
Fri2021-01-1520:15Amateur Men LeagueMellieha Libertas Spalding D2Hibernians
Fri2021-01-1518:00Amateur Men LeagueAthleta 2nd DivFusion Basketball
Sat2021-01-1611:15U16 MenLuxol U16 MenStarlites U16 Men B
Sat2021-01-1609:00U16 MenAthleta U16 MenStarlites Mazars
Sat2021-01-1611:15U16 MenDepiro KVHSiggiewi U16 Men
Sat2021-01-1615:45Mens’ LeagueHiberniansMellieha Libertas Spalding
Sun2021-01-1711:15U16 MenStarlites U16 Men BStarlites Mazars
Sun2021-01-1709:00U14 GirlsStarlites U14A GirlsGhajnsielem Redcoats U14 Girls
Sun2021-01-1709:00U14 GirlsSiggiewi U14 GirlsHibernians U14 Girls
Sun2021-01-1711:15U14 GirlsAthleta U14 GirlsDepiro U14 Girls
SUNDAY2021-01-1711:15U14 BoysAthletaDepiro Blue
Sun2021-01-1713:30Mens’ LeagueGzira Athleta Senior MenDepiro Senior Men
Sun2021-01-1715:45Mens’ LeagueLuxol BUPAStarlites GiG
Mon2021-01-1808:00U16 MenDepiro KVHStarlites Mazars
Mon2021-01-1820:15U16 MenAthleta U16 MenSiggiewi U16 Men
Tue2021-01-1918:00U23 MenDepiro U23 MenStarlites U23 Men
Tue2021-01-1920:15U23 MenAthleta U23 MenStarlites U23 Men B
Wed2021-01-2018:00U23 MenHiberniansLuxol U23 Men
Wed2021-01-2020:15Amateur Men LeagueDepiro 2nd DivMellieha Libertas Spalding D2
Thu2021-01-2118:00U19 WomenHiberniansStarlites ABERTAX Under 19 Women
Thu2021-01-2120:15U19 WomenLuxol Under 19 WomenSiggiewi Under 19 Women
Fri2021-01-2220:15Amateur Men LeagueFusion BasketballDepiro 2nd Div
Fri2021-01-2218:00Amateur Men LeagueHiberniansAthleta 2nd Div
Sat2021-01-2311:15U16 MenStarlites MazarsDepiro KVH
Sat2021-01-2313:30U16 MenStarlites U16 Men BAthleta U16 Men
Sat2021-01-2315:45U16 MenSiggiewi U16 MenHibernians
Sun2021-01-2409:00U14 BoysAthleta U14 BoysStarlites U14B Boys
Sun2021-01-2409:00U14 BoysEurobasket U14 BoysDepiro U14 Boys Gold
Sun2021-01-2409:00U16 WomenHiberniansDepiro U16 Women
Sun2021-01-2411:00U14 BoysDepiro U14 Boys BlueHibernians U14 Boys
Sun2021-01-2411:00U14 BoysStarlites U14A BoysLuxol U14 Boys
Sun2021-01-2411:15U16 WomenLuxol U16 WomenStarlites Mazars
Sun2021-01-2413:30Womens’ LeagueHiberniansARMS Depiro
Sun2021-01-2415:45Womens’ LeagueLuxol Senior WomenStarlites GiG
Mon2021-01-2518:00U16 MenSiggiewi U16 MenDepiro KVH
Mon2021-01-2520:15U16 MenAthleta U16 MenStarlites U16 Men B
Tue2021-01-2618:00U23 WomenHiberniansStarlites U23 Women
Tue2021-01-2620:15U23 WomenARMS Depiro U23 WomenLuxol U23 Women
Wed2021-01-2718:00U19 MenAthleta U19Men BLuxol U19 Men
Wed2021-01-2720:15U19 MenAthleta U19 MenSiggiewi U19 Men
Thu2021-01-2820:15U19 MenStarlites U19 Men BStarlites ABERTAX U19 Men
Thu2021-01-2818:00U19 MenDepiro KVHHibernians
Fri2021-01-2918:00Amateur Men LeagueDepiro 2nd DivFusion Basketball
Fri2021-01-2920:15Amateur Men KOHibsGzira Athleta Amateur
Sat2021-01-3009:00U16 MenLuxol U16 MenAthleta U16 Men
Sat2021-01-3011:15U16 MenHiberniansDepiro KVH
Sat2021-01-3015:45Mens’ LeagueMellieha Libertas SpaldingLuxol BUPA
Sun2021-01-3111:15U16 MenSiggiewi U16 MenStarlites U16 Men B
Sun2021-01-3109:00U14 GirlsGhajnsielem Redcoats U14 GirlsAthleta U14 Girls
Sun2021-01-3109:00U14 GirlsHibernians U14 GirlsStarlites U14A Girls
Sun2021-01-3113:30Mens’ LeagueDepiro Senior MenHibernians
Sun2021-01-3115:45Mens’ LeagueStarlites GiGGzira Athleta Senior Men
Tue2021-02-0218:00U23 MenDepiro U23 MenAthleta U23 Men
Tue2021-02-0220:15U23 MenLuxol U23 MenStarlites U23 Men B
Wed2021-02-0318:00U23 MenHiberniansStarlites U23 Men
Wed2021-02-0320:15Men Knock OutMellieha Libertas SpaldingDepiro Senior Men
Thu2021-02-0418:00U19 WomenHiberniansDepiro Under 19 Women
Thu2021-02-0420:15U19 WomenLuxol Under 19 WomenStarlites ABERTAX Under 19 Women
Fri2021-02-0520:15Amateur Men LeagueHiberniansFusion Basketball
Fri2021-02-0518:00Amateur Men LeagueMellieha Libertas Spalding D2Depiro 2nd Div
Sat2021-02-0609:00U16 MenStarlites MazarsSiggiewi U16 Men
Sat2021-02-0611:15U16 MenStarlites U16 Men BHibernians
Sat2021-02-0613:30U16 MenDepiro KVHLuxol U16 Men
Sat2021-02-0615:45Mens’ LeagueDepiro Senior MenStarlites GiG
Sun2021-02-0709:00U14 BoysLuxol U14 BoysAthleta U14 Boys
Sun2021-02-0709:00U14 BoysHibernians U14 BoysEurobasket U14 Boys
Sun2021-02-0709:00U16 WomenDepiro U16 WomenLuxol U16 Women
Sun2021-02-0711:15U14 BoysStarlites U14B BoysDepiro U14 Boys Blue
Sun2021-02-0711:15U14 BoysSiggiewi U14 BoysStarlites U14A Boys
Sun2021-02-0711:15U16 WomenStarlites MazarsSiggiewi U16 Women
Sun2021-02-0713:30Womens’ LeagueARMS DepiroStarlites GiG
Sun2021-02-0715:45Womens’ LeagueHiberniansLuxol Senior Women
Mon2021-02-0820:15U19 MenStarlites U19 Men BHibernians
Mon2021-02-0818:00U19 MenLuxol U19 MenDepiro KVH
Tue2021-02-0918:00U23 WomenHiberniansARMS Depiro U23 Women
Tue2021-02-0920:15U23 WomenLuxol U23 WomenStarlites U23 Women
Wed2021-02-1011:45Men Knock Out
Wed2021-02-1014:00Men Knock Out
Wed2021-02-1016:15Women Knock Out
Thu2021-02-1120:15U19 MenSiggiewi U19 MenAthleta U19Men B
Thu2021-02-1118:00U19 MenStarlites ABERTAX U19 MenAthleta U19 Men
Fri2021-02-1218:00Amateur Men LeagueMellieha Libertas Spalding D2Fusion Basketball
Fri2021-02-1220:15Amateur Men LeagueAthleta 2nd DivDepiro 2nd Div
Sat2021-02-1309:00U16 Men5th Placed 8th Placed
Sat2021-02-1311:15U16 Men2nd Placed 3rd placed
Sat2021-02-1313:30U16 Men1st Placed 4th Placed
Sat2021-02-1315:45Mens’ LeagueHiberniansGzira Athleta Senior Men
Sun2021-02-1409:00U14 GirlsAthleta U14 GirlsHibernians U14 Girls
Sun2021-02-1409:00U14 GirlsDepiro U14 GirlsGhajnsielem Redcoats U14 Girls
Sun2021-02-1411:15U16 Men6th Placed 7th Placed
Sun2021-02-1413:30Mens’ LeagueLuxol BUPADepiro Senior Men
Sun2021-02-1415:45Mens’ LeagueMellieha Libertas SpaldingStarlites GiG
Mon2021-02-1518:00U19 MenSiggiewi U19 MenHibernians
Mon2021-02-1520:15U19 MenDepiro KVHAthleta U19 Men
Tue2021-02-1618:00U23 MenAthleta U23 MenHibernians
Tue2021-02-1620:15U23 MenStarlites U23 Men BDepiro U23 Men
Wed2021-02-1718:00Amateur Men LeagueAthleta 2nd DivHibernians
Wed2021-02-1720:15U23 MenStarlites U23 MenLuxol U23 Men
Thu2021-02-1818:00U19 WomenDepiro Under 19 WomenLuxol Under 19 Women
Thu2021-02-1820:15U19 WomenStarlites ABERTAX Under 19 WomenSiggiewi Under 19 Women
Fri2021-02-1920:15Amateur Men LeagueHiberniansMellieha Libertas Spalding D2
Fri2021-02-1918:00Amateur Men LeagueFusion BasketballAthleta 2nd Div
Sat2021-02-2009:00U16 MenLoser (5th – 8th)Loser (6th – 7th)
Sat2021-02-2011:15U16 MenWinner (5th – 8th)Winner (6th – 7th)
Sat2021-02-2013:30U16 WomenSiggiewi U16 WomenDepiro U16 Women
Sat2021-02-2015:45U16 WomenLuxol U16 WomenHibernians
Sun2021-02-2111:15Womens’ LeagueLuxol Senior WomenARMS Depiro
Sun2021-02-2113:30Womens’ LeagueStarlites GiGHibernians
Sun2021-02-2115:45U16 MenWinner (1st – 4th)Winner (2nd – 3rd)
Sun2021-02-2109:00U14 BoysAthleta U14 BoysSiggiewi U14 Boys
Sun2021-02-2109:00U14 BoysDepiro U14 Boys BlueLuxol U14 Boys
Sun2021-02-2109:00U16 MenLoser (1st – 4th)Loser (2nd – 3rd)
Sun2021-02-2111:00U14 BoysDepiro U14 Boys GoldHibernians U14 Boys
Sun2021-02-2111:15U14 BoysEurobasket U14 BoysStarlites U14B Boys
Mon2021-02-2218:00U23 MenDepiro U23 MenHibernians
Mon2021-02-2220:15U23 MenLuxol U23 MenStarlites U23 Men
Tue2021-02-2318:00U23 WomenARMS Depiro U23 WomenStarlites U23 Women
Tue2021-02-2320:15U23 WomenHiberniansLuxol U23 Women
Wed2021-02-2420:15U19 MenAthleta U19Men BStarlites ABERTAX U19 Men
Wed2021-02-2418:00U19 MenAthleta U19 MenStarlites U19 Men B
Thu2021-02-2520:15U19 MenHiberniansLuxol U19 Men
Thu2021-02-2518:00U19 MenDepiro KVHSiggiewi U19 Men
Fri2021-02-2618:00Amateur Men KO
Fri2021-02-2620:15Amateur Men KO
Sat2021-02-2713:30U16 MenWinner (1st – 4th)Winner (2nd – 3rd)
Sat2021-02-2711:00U23 MenDepiro U23 MenStarlites U23 Men B
Sat2021-02-2715:45Mens’ LeagueStarlites GiGHibernians
Sun2021-02-2811:15U16 MenWinner (1st – 4th)Winner (2nd – 3rd)
Sun2021-02-2809:00U14 GirlsHibernians U14 GirlsDepiro U14 Girls
Sun2021-02-2811:15U14 GirlsSiggiewi U14 GirlsStarlites U14A Girls
Sun2021-02-2813:30Mens’ LeagueDepiro Senior MenMellieha Libertas Spalding
Sun2021-02-2815:45Mens’ LeagueGzira Athleta Senior MenLuxol BUPA
Tue2021-03-0218:00U23 MenLuxol U23 MenAthleta U23 Men
Tue2021-03-0220:15U23 MenStarlites U23 MenStarlites U23 Men B
Wed2021-03-0319:00U23 MenHiberniansDepiro U23 Men
Thu2021-03-0418:00U19 WomenSiggiewi Under 19 WomenDepiro Under 19 Women
Thu2021-03-0420:15U19 WomenLuxol Under 19 WomenHibernians
Fri2021-03-0520:15Amateur Men LeagueHiberniansDepiro 2nd Div
Fri2021-03-0518:00Amateur Men LeagueMellieha Libertas Spalding D2Athleta 2nd Div
Sat2021-03-0609:00U19 Men5th Placed 8th Placed
Sat2021-03-0615:45U19 Men2nd Placed 3rd placed
MONDAY2021-03-0118:00U16 WomenDepiro U16 WomenStarlites Mazars
MONDAY2021-03-0120:15U16 WomenHiberniansSiggiewi U16 Women
SATURDAY2021-03-0611:15U19 Men6th Placed 7th Placed
SATURDAY2021-03-0613:30U19 Men1st Placed 4th Placed
Sun2021-03-0711:15U23 MenHiberniansAthleta U23 Men
Sun2021-03-0709:00U14 BoysStarlites U14A BoysAthleta U14 Boys
Sun2021-03-0709:00U14 BoysStarlites U14B BoysDepiro U14 Boys Gold
Sun2021-03-0711:15U14 BoysSiggiewi U14 BoysDepiro U14 Boys Blue
Sun2021-03-0711:15U14 BoysLuxol U14 BoysEurobasket U14 Boys
Sun2021-03-0713:30Womens’ LeagueARMS DepiroHibernians
Sun2021-03-0715:45Womens’ LeagueStarlites GiGLuxol Senior Women
Tue2021-03-0918:00U23 WomenStarlites U23 WomenHibernians
Tue2021-03-0920:15U23 WomenLuxol U23 WomenARMS Depiro U23 Women
MONDAY2021-03-0819:00Amateur Men LeagueHiberniansDepiro 2nd Div
Wed2021-03-1018:00U19 MenLoser (5th – 8th)Loser (6th – 7th)
Wed2021-03-1020:15U19 MenWinner (5th – 8th)Winner (6th – 7th)
Thu2021-03-1118:00U19 MenLoser (1st – 4th)Loser (2nd – 3rd)
Thu2021-03-1120:15U19 MenWinner (1st – 4th)Winner (2nd – 3rd)
Fri2021-03-1220:15Amateur Men LeagueFusion BasketballHibernians
Fri2021-03-1218:00Amateur Men LeagueDepiro 2nd DivMellieha Libertas Spalding D2
Sat2021-03-1315:45Mens’ LeagueLuxol BUPAHibernians
Sun2021-03-1409:00U14 GirlsGhajnsielem Redcoats U14 GirlsHibernians U14 Girls
Sun2021-03-1411:15U14 GirlsAthleta U14 GirlsSiggiewi U14 Girls
Sun2021-03-1413:30Mens’ LeagueStarlites GiGDepiro Senior Men
Sun2021-03-1415:45Mens’ LeagueMellieha Libertas SpaldingGzira Athleta Senior Men
Tue2021-03-1618:00U23 MenAthleta U23 MenStarlites U23 Men
Tue2021-03-1620:15U23 MenStarlites U23 Men BHibernians
Wed2021-03-1719:00U23 MenDepiro U23 MenLuxol U23 Men
Thu2021-03-1818:00U19 WomenDepiro Under 19 WomenStarlites ABERTAX Under 19 Women
Thu2021-03-1820:15U19 WomenHiberniansSiggiewi Under 19 Women
Fri2021-03-1911:15Womens’ LeagueLuxol Senior WomenHibernians
Fri2021-03-1913:30Womens’ LeagueStarlites GiGARMS Depiro
Fri2021-03-1916:15Men Knock Out
Sat2021-03-2011:15U16 WomenSiggiewi U16 WomenLuxol U16 Women
Sat2021-03-2013:30U16 WomenStarlites MazarsHibernians
Sat2021-03-2015:45U19 MenWinner (1st – 4th)Winner (2nd – 3rd)
Sun2021-03-2113:30Mens’ League2nd Placed 3rd placed
Sun2021-03-2115:45Mens’ League1st Placed 4th Placed
Sun2021-03-2109:00U14 BoysDepiro U14 Boys BlueStarlites U14A Boys
Sun2021-03-2109:00U14 BoysEurobasket U14 BoysSiggiewi U14 Boys
Sun2021-03-2111:15U14 BoysDepiro U14 Boys GoldLuxol U14 Boys
Sun2021-03-2111:15U14 BoysHibernians U14 BoysStarlites U14B Boys
Mon2021-03-2218:00U23 WomenARMS Depiro U23 WomenHibernians
Mon2021-03-2220:15U23 WomenStarlites U23 WomenLuxol U23 Women
Tue2021-03-2318:00U23 MenStarlites U23 MenDepiro U23 Men
Tue2021-03-2320:15U23 MenStarlites U23 Men BAthleta U23 Men
Wed2021-03-2419:00U23 MenLuxol U23 MenHibernians
Fri2021-03-2620:15Amateur Men LeagueDepiro 2nd DivHibernians
Fri2021-03-2618:00Amateur Men LeagueAthleta 2nd DivMellieha Libertas Spalding D2
Sat2021-03-2709:00U16 Women2nd Placed 3rd placed
Sat2021-03-2711:15U16 Women1st Placed 4th Placed
Sat2021-03-2715:45U19 MenWinner (1st – 4th)Winner (2nd – 3rd)
Sun2021-03-2809:00U14 GirlsSiggiewi U14 GirlsDepiro U14 Girls
Sun2021-03-2809:00U23 Men2nd Placed 3rd placed
Sun2021-03-2811:15U14 GirlsStarlites U14A GirlsAthleta U14 Girls
Sun2021-03-2811:15U23 Men1st Placed 4th Placed
Sun2021-03-2813:30Womens’ LeagueHiberniansStarlites GiG
Sun2021-03-2815:45Womens’ LeagueARMS DepiroLuxol Senior Women
Tue2021-03-3018:00U23 Women2nd Placed 3rd placed
Tue2021-03-3020:15U23 Women1st Placed 4th Placed
Wed2021-03-3113:30Mens’ League3rd Placed 2nd placed
Wed2021-03-3115:45Mens’ League4th Placed1st Placed 
Wed2021-03-3109:00U14 BoysDepiro U14 Boys GoldSiggiewi U14 Boys
Wed2021-03-3109:00U14 BoysHibernians U14 BoysLuxol U14 Boys
Wed2021-03-3111:15U14 BoysDepiro U14 Boys BlueAthleta U14 Boys
Wed2021-03-3111:15U14 BoysEurobasket U14 BoysStarlites U14A Boys
Thu2021-04-0120:15Amateur Men LeagueDepiro 2nd DivFusion Basketball
Thu2021-04-0118:00Amateur Men LeagueAthleta 2nd DivHibernians
Wed2021-04-0718:00U19 WomenStarlites ABERTAX Under 19 WomenHibernians
Wed2021-04-0720:15U19 WomenSiggiewi Under 19 WomenLuxol Under 19 Women
Thu2021-04-0818:00U23 WomenWinner (1st – 4th)Winner (2nd – 3rd)
Thu2021-04-0820:15U23 MenWinner (1st – 4th)Winner (2nd – 3rd)
Sat2021-04-1011:15U16 WomenWinner (1st – 4th)Winner (2nd – 3rd)
Sat2021-04-1013:30Mens’ League1st Placed 4th Placed
Sat2021-04-1015:45Mens’ League2nd Placed 3rd placed
Sat2021-04-1009:00U14 GirlsGhajnsielem Redcoats U14 GirlsSiggiewi U14 Girls
Sun2021-04-1115:45Amateur Men KO
Sun2021-04-1109:00U14 BoysAthleta U14 BoysEurobasket U14 Boys
Sun2021-04-1109:00U14 BoysSiggiewi U14 BoysHibernians U14 Boys
Sun2021-04-1109:00U14 GirlsDepiro U14 GirlsStarlites U14A Girls
Sun2021-04-1111:15U14 BoysStarlites U14A BoysDepiro U14 Boys Gold
Sun2021-04-1111:15U14 BoysLuxol U14 BoysStarlites U14B Boys
Sun2021-04-1111:15Womens’ LeagueHiberniansARMS Depiro
Sun2021-04-1113:30Womens’ LeagueLuxol Senior WomenStarlites GiG
Tue2021-04-1319:00U16 WomenWinner (1st – 4th)Winner (2nd – 3rd)
Thu2021-04-1518:00U19 Women2nd Placed 3rd placed
Thu2021-04-1520:15U19 Women1st Placed 4th Placed
Fri2021-04-1618:00Amateur Men League2nd Placed 3rd placed
Fri2021-04-1620:15Amateur Men League1st Placed 4th Placed
Sat2021-04-1709:00U14 GirlsGhajnsielem Redcoats U14 GirlsStarlites U14A Girls
Sat2021-04-1711:15U14 GirlsHibernians U14 GirlsSiggiewi U14 Girls
Sun2021-04-1811:15U16 WomenWinner (1st – 4th)Winner (2nd – 3rd)
Sun2021-04-1813:30Womens’ League3rd placed2nd Placed 
Sun2021-04-1815:45Mens’ LeagueWinner (1st – 4th)Winner (2nd – 3rd)
Sun2021-04-1809:00U14 BoysEurobasket U14 BoysDepiro U14 Boys Blue
Sun2021-04-1809:00U14 BoysHibernians U14 BoysStarlites U14A Boys
Sun2021-04-1809:00U14 GirlsDepiro U14 GirlsAthleta U14 Girls
Sun2021-04-1811:15U14 BoysDepiro U14 Boys GoldAthleta U14 Boys
Sun2021-04-1811:15U14 BoysStarlites U14B BoysSiggiewi U14 Boys
Tue2021-04-2019:00U19 WomenWinner (1st – 4th)Winner (2nd – 3rd)
Thu2021-04-2219:00U19 WomenWinner (1st – 4th)Winner (2nd – 3rd)
Fri2021-04-2318:00Amateur Men League3rd placed2nd Placed 
Fri2021-04-2320:15Amateur Men League4th Placed1st Placed 
Sat2021-04-2413:30U19 WomenWinner (1st – 4th)Winner (2nd – 3rd)
Sun2021-04-2513:30Womens’ League2nd Placed 3rd placed
Sun2021-04-2515:45Mens’ LeagueWinner (2nd – 3rd)Winner (1st – 4th)
Sun2021-04-2509:00U14 GirlsAthleta U14 GirlsGhajnsielem Redcoats U14 Girls
Sun2021-04-2511:15U14 GirlsStarlites U14A GirlsHibernians U14 Girls
Wed2021-04-2819:00Womens’ League2nd Placed 3rd placed
Fri2021-04-3018:00Amateur Men League2nd Placed 3rd placed
Fri2021-04-3020:15Amateur Men League1st Placed 4th Placed
Sat2021-05-0109:00U14 BoysDepiro U14 Boys BlueDepiro U14 Boys Gold
Sat2021-05-0109:00U14 BoysSiggiewi U14 BoysLuxol U14 Boys
Sat2021-05-0111:15U14 BoysAthleta U14 BoysHibernians U14 Boys
Sat2021-05-0111:15U14 BoysStarlites U14A BoysStarlites U14B Boys
Sun2021-05-0213:30Womens’ League1st Placed Winner (2nd – 3rd)
Sun2021-05-0215:45Mens’ LeagueWinner (1st – 4th)Winner (2nd – 3rd)
Sun2021-05-0209:00U14 GirlsHibernians U14 GirlsAthleta U14 Girls
Sun2021-05-0209:00U14 GirlsGhajnsielem Redcoats U14 GirlsDepiro U14 Girls
Tue2021-05-0419:00Amateur Men LeagueWinner (1st – 4th)Winner (2nd – 3rd)
Wed2021-05-0519:00Womens’ LeagueWinner (2nd – 3rd)1st Placed 
Fri2021-05-0719:00Amateur Men LeagueWinner (2nd – 3rd)Winner (1st – 4th)
Sat2021-05-0809:00U14 GirlsDepiro U14 GirlsHibernians U14 Girls
Sat2021-05-0811:15U14 GirlsStarlites U14A GirlsSiggiewi U14 Girls
Sun2021-05-0913:30Womens’ League1st Placed Winner (2nd – 3rd)
Sun2021-05-0915:45Mens’ LeagueWinner (2nd – 3rd)Winner (1st – 4th)
Sun2021-05-0909:00U14 BoysStarlites U14B BoysAthleta U14 Boys
Sun2021-05-0909:00U14 BoysDepiro U14 Boys GoldEurobasket U14 Boys
Sun2021-05-0911:15U14 BoysHibernians U14 BoysDepiro U14 Boys Blue
Sun2021-05-0911:15U14 BoysLuxol U14 BoysStarlites U14A Boys
Tue2021-05-1119:00Amateur Men LeagueWinner (1st – 4th)Winner (2nd – 3rd)
Wed2021-05-1219:00Womens’ LeagueWinner (2nd – 3rd)1st Placed 
Fri2021-05-1419:00Amateur Men LeagueWinner (2nd – 3rd)Winner (1st – 4th)
Sun2021-05-1513:30Amateur Men LeagueWinner (1st – 4th)Winner (2nd – 3rd)
Sun2021-05-1515:45Mens’ LeagueWinner (1st – 4th)Winner (2nd – 3rd)
Sun2021-05-1515:45Womens’ League1st Placed Winner (2nd – 3rd)
Sat2021-05-1509:00U14 BoysDepiro U14 Boys BlueStarlites U14B Boys
Sat2021-05-1509:00U14 BoysStarlites U14A BoysSiggiewi U14 Boys
Sat2021-05-1511:15U14 BoysAthleta U14 BoysLuxol U14 Boys
Sat2021-05-1511:15U14 BoysEurobasket U14 BoysHibernians U14 Boys
Sun2021-05-1609:00U14 GirlsHibernians U14 GirlsGhajnsielem Redcoats U14 Girls
Sun2021-05-1611:15U14 GirlsSiggiewi U14 GirlsAthleta U14 Girls
Sun2021-05-2309:00U14 GirlsDepiro U14 GirlsSiggiewi U14 Girls
Sun2021-05-2311:15U14 GirlsAthleta U14 GirlsStarlites U14A Girls
Sat2021-05-2909:00U14 GirlsSiggiewi U14 GirlsGhajnsielem Redcoats U14 Girls
Sun2021-05-3009:00U14 BoysSiggiewi U14 BoysAthleta U14 Boys
Sun2021-05-3009:00U14 BoysLuxol U14 BoysDepiro U14 Boys Blue
Sun2021-05-3009:00U14 GirlsStarlites U14A GirlsDepiro U14 Girls
Sun2021-05-3011:15U14 BoysStarlites U14B BoysEurobasket U14 Boys
Sun2021-05-3011:15U14 BoysHibernians U14 BoysDepiro U14 Boys Gold
Sun2021-06-0609:00U14 BoysAthleta U14 BoysStarlites U14A Boys
Sun2021-06-0609:00U14 BoysDepiro U14 Boys BlueSiggiewi U14 Boys
Sun2021-06-0611:15U14 BoysEurobasket U14 BoysLuxol U14 Boys
Sun2021-06-0611:15U14 BoysDepiro U14 Boys GoldStarlites U14B Boys
Mon2021-06-0709:00U14 BoysSiggiewi U14 BoysEurobasket U14 Boys
Mon2021-06-0709:00U14 BoysLuxol U14 BoysDepiro U14 Boys Gold
Mon2021-06-0711:15U14 BoysStarlites U14A BoysDepiro U14 Boys Blue
Mon2021-06-0711:15U14 BoysStarlites U14B BoysHibernians U14 Boys