MLS/St James Hospital assist the MBA in the fight against COVID-19

The Malta Basketball Association always aims to promote safe sports practices consistent with advice from public health authorities.

In this regard, also in conjunction and full agreement with all the registered clubs, the MBA is adhering to a COVID-19 protocol which sets out obligations and other health and safety measures such as listing the outline of sanitary, medical and hygiene measures as well as the basic operational protocols that are to be applied when official local competition matches are held.

As a clear pro-active measure, one of the compulsory requisites prior to each, single senior men and women game is that all squad members need to present a valid negative swab test result.

To ease the added burden on clubs due to these weekly number of swab tests to be performed, the MBA has reached a further sponsorship agreement with the Medical Laboratory Services (MLS) and St James Hospital.

In fact, MLS, in conjunction with St James Hospital, are helping extensively by sponsoring these numerous weekly tests, both through the actual swabbing kits and the testing in their premises.

This MLS/St James Hospital sponsorship is helping a great deal in the MBA’s aim to lower the risk as far as possible by applying current medical advice and best practices.

As always, the MBA calls on every stakeholder for maximum cooperation with the Public Health Authorities and for the MBA to always be informed of health-related developments.